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Auto Typer by ANR


Using the Auto Typer software you can make your windows machine automatically type by just pressing the configured hotkey or Shortcut key.

You don't need to type anything, just press the hotkey and the computer will start typing.

When triggered, the Auto Typer will automatically type the text you have in your clipboard or the text you have entered in the text box.

Install Auto Typer by ANR on Windows

Auto Typer needs .net 6 desktop runtime installed on your pc you can download it from microsoft here

After download is completed double click on the installer and follow the on screen prompts to complete the installation.

Download the Auto Typer zip file

Extract the Auto Typer zip file into a folder of your choice

Double click on the autoTyper.exe file. You will get a security prompt when running the program for the first time.

Click on more info and click run anyway

How to use Auto Typer

After Auto Typer is successfully installed open it

Hit the start button to start the auto typer

Once started you can minimize the auto typer application it will be listening for the trigger in the background

The trigger key is F8

Once you hit F8 auto typer will automatically start typing the text in your clipboard

How to use windows clipboard

If you press Windows key + v you will get a prompt that tells you to Turn on clipboard click on the turn on button to enable Windows clipboard functionality

From now on whenever you need to paste something you can press Windows key + v and your clipboard history will appear and you can select the content you want to paste from clipboard

How to uninstall Auto Typer by ANR

Just delete the Auto Typer folder that's it